General information on the libraries of Latvia

The total number of libraries: 1597
72 520 693 units

The total number of registered users: 811584

Number of visits: 18 871 235 (including virtual)

Delivery: 19 793 054

The library services encompass all activity fields and all age groups of the population. From the 1 919 968 of Latvia population more than 42 % have registered as active library users. There is one library per 1202 inhabitants. Each user has attended a library on average 23 times per year.

The following libraries operate in Latvia:

  • 1 National Library of Latvia
  • 789 public libraries: including 781 municipal libraries; Latvian Library for the Blind with 7 branch libraries
  • 48 libraries of higher educational establishments
  • 732 libraries of general education and vocational education establishments
  • 27 specialised libraries

National Legislation


Regulations of Minister Cabinet



Linda Langenfelde, expert on libraries, Archives, Library and Museums Division, t.67330223
Vanda Bērziņa, Senior Desk Officer, Archives, Library and Museums Division, t. 67330222